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Electrical Designs are an important part of a commercial installation as they can determine the following:

  • Statutory Regulations - Compliance with national regulations is then the second priority of the designers of electrical installation. Regulations may be based on national or international standards such as the IEC 60364 series.
  • LV Distribution - The system earthing is one protective measure commonly used for the protection against electric shocks. These systems earthlings have a major impact on the LV electrical installation architecture and they need to be analysed as early as possible. Advantages and drawbacks are to be analysed for a correct selection. Another aspect needing to be considered at the earlier stage is the external influences. In large electrical installation, different external influences may be encountered and need to be considered independently. As a result of these external influences proper selection of equipment according to their IP or IK codes has to be made.
  • Sizing and Protection of Conductors - Selection of cross-sectional-areas of cables or isolated conductors for line conductors is certainly one of the most important tasks of the design process of an electrical installation as this greatly influences the selection of overcurrent protective devices, the voltage drop along these conductors and the estimation of the prospective short-circuit currents: the maximum value relates to the overcurrent protection and the minimum value relates to the fault protection by automatic disconnection of supply. This has to be done for each circuit of the installation. A similar task is to be done for the neutral conductor and for the Protective Earth (PE) conductor.
  • Energy Efficiency - Implementation of active energy efficiency measures within the electrical installation can produce high benefits for the user or owner: reduced power consumption, reduced cost of energy, better use of electrical equipment. These measures will most of the time request specific design for the installation as measuring electricity consumption either per application (lighting, heating, process…) or per area (floor, workshop) present particular interest for reducing the electricity consumption still keeping the same level of service provided to the user.

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